I was born in Miami Beach, FL in September of 1954, and have lived in Chester County Pennsylvania for over 40 years.  I have been married to the same woman (Carol) for almost 40 years - and have 4 sons ranging from 21 to 32, 2 Daughters in Law and 2 Granddaughters (and a 3rd grandchild on the way).


I started out my business career as a Furniture Store Owner in Philadelphia, and believe that my retail experience makes me a much better rep.  I understand the MANY layers of intricacy in running a business, and I have a great deal of respect for today's bridal retailers.  I return ALL phone calls within 24 hours, and usually respond to an email even more quickly than that.  I always work by appointment, as I understand how valuable a store owner's time is - and that planning their work schedule is just as important (and involved) as my planning a road trip covering 11 states.

"Fine Lines - Superior Service - Business Support"  is the focus of my business card and I consider myself a businessman first, whose main job function happens to be as a salesman.  I have worked as a paid consultant for most of the companies I have represented, as they have recognized I have much more to offer them than strictly the ability to sell product.  I love working with a new business, as I get great pleasure in sharing my experience - particularly when they later become a successful retailer.


I write a newsletter called Grass Clippings approximately twice a year, and am up to issue #30.  I love writing, and am looking forward to expanding the layers of communication with my stores through this Social Media Project; which will include my own Website  and  a Business Facebook Group (also called Grass Clippings) which I hope you will join. CLICK HERE to join.


I travel the Northeast which includes 11 states, and represent the following 2 Main Companies:

1. Paloma Blanca and Mikaella Bridal

2. JTAA which inlcudes:

    •  Calla Blanche

    •  L'Amour Bridal

    •  Anglea & Alison Prom


I make 2 extensive road trips per year, and attend New York Market twice a year, Chicago Market twice a year, and the Atlanta Prom Market every August.


In closing, I love what I do, and consider my job to be as professional of a career as a doctor or a lawyer -  and treat it as such.  THE ONLY THING I TAKE MORE SERIOUSLY THAN MY BUSINESS IS MY FAMILY!  I work with 2 GREAT companies because I am very selective about who I represent.  They have to be run professionally by an owner with integrity, give great customer service, and deliver their product on time.  They have to produce salable, well made, fashionable products offering good value - and need to have a general business philosophy that "discounting is bad for our industry".   The value their products offer, as well as their general business practices must allow an "above keystone" markup for their accounts.


While being a salesman whose income is solely dependent on how much product I sell, I DO NOT oversell my lines, and feel that this benefits myself, my companies, and my stores in the long run.  I would summarize my business philosophy as follows:

I consider my stores to be business partners more than customers, and that I ultimately work for my accounts rather than for the manufacturers who pay me each month.  I can honestly say that I have been true to this basic philosophy for my entire career.